Friday, July 2, 2010

Melbourne Doll Market

Courtesy of PixelKitty

There is an exciting event coming in September this year in melbourne... NO its not the AFL Grand Final! Something much better than that!

So, for all the people out there who's other half gets involved in the Grand Final, wether its going to the game, to a party or having a lazy day on the couch watching it on the big screen you will have a chance too venture out to Kew and experience a brand new Doll Market!

It is a market for handmade and used goods for Asian type dolls. Specifically 1:6th dolls such as Blythe, Barbie and Momoko, all BJD types but all doll types are welcome, including Pullip, Dal, Wandafrog, Nikki and any other scale dolls.

Get involved by selling any of your handmade wares, reselling items and best of all purchasing some new goodies!

Natalie has a fabulous website which should answer any enquiries you might have. If you need anymore information contact them through the The melbourne Doll Market website or the Dolly Addiction Forum.

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  1. Darn. I won't be in Melbourne. I assume you both will have a stall.