Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Miss Sydney sets off to New Caledonia today

Well, we said goodbye to Miss Sydney today as she set off to New Caledonia. This gorgeous girl has been in my care for the past few months and I think she was definitely ready to get started on her travels.

I know she's going to have an awesome time in New Caledonia with Angelique (wish it were me going too, as I love NC) and we all look forward to hearing and seeing what she does get up to.

Big hugs and kisses as we wave goodbye.


  1. Lovely doll! Did you make it by any chance?
    Do hope you enjoy blogging - have popped over from Sylvia's site.

  2. How exciting!!!!! She even has a lovely travelling outfit. I better get to and prepare the house for her arrival:)

  3. Thanks for popping in "weaver of Grass". The doll was customised by the lovely Jenink whom also created the fab clothing as well!
    Angelique cant wait too see some lovely Overseas shots - what a great start too the Miss Sydney travelling adventure!