Friday, June 25, 2010

Birth of a new Blythe Doll Blog.

It’s a special day for me today! Not only is it my Birthday BUT it’s also the birth of a new Blythe Doll Blog.

Today is the launch of “Lollitams” a collaboration of the Lollipoppet and Tamsart label.

Over the many years we have known each other we have come to realize we have so much in common it would only be fitting to do a joint Blog!

So….for the people who have just stumbled across this blog, just to confuse you here is a little about us…

Well, we are both “Tanya’s”, married, mothers of 2 girls and we love to create unique items, with a special interest in Blythe Dolls….

Tanya S is based in Sydney whilst I am based in Melbourne Australia but that isn’t going to stop us from showcasing all things Blythe (with hints of other doll varieties) as well as having photos of our art, handmade creations and giveaways!

A week has past since the National Blythe “Birthday Party” themed event which was held in Adelaide Australia. The feedback on has been fabulous and was enjoyed by all. Its great seeing all the photos that everyone has uploaded to the dedicated flickr group

This year there were some amazingly talented Blythe creators who donated items for the special day and I was gobsmacked at what was up for grabs!
Both Tanya and I donated items which were door prizes and the goodie bags!

Please browse around and enjoy your stay here we hope you follow us on our Journey ^_^ Thank you!……


  1. Beautiful! Wonderful! Marvelous!
    The Puppets!!
    Congratulations to you`s Fabulous! :)

    I Love Walter!
    [wow that`s a lot of !]

  2. Congratulations on your collaboration and the creation of your blog. Every success to you both.

  3. I forgot to say...

  4. I've been trying to read this post all day! Did you publish it & then take it back?!

    anywho - Happy Birthday to you & your blog AND sorry I've not replied to your choc-a-block-info-filled last email - I wrote a massive reply that was eaten by yahoo & have nae been able to face writing it out again... ;)

    Look forward to reading about all your dolly adventures!

  5. Congratulations!!! such a lovely blog full of lovely dolly things! :), wish you the best!

  6. Anoushka/Farkle de SparkleJune 27, 2010 at 3:48 AM

    eeeps, you clever double act, you ;-) This is so much fun!

    Now, I hope taht Junie Moon bu lieu of you having a link is supplying you each one of each release for free hehe ;-) LOVE your dancing Blythe-uppets at the top, I am now waiting for V2 where you can select eye colour and outfit hehe ;-) too cute!

  7. Wonderful blog, I love it!! Congratulations!!!!